About the blogger

//Blogger on the other side of the screen//

Hey guys! As my first post here on my brand spankin’ new blog, I thought it would be fitting to put up a post that tells you guys a little bit about me.

What’s  my name? Who am I? Why did I start this blog?

Let’s start off with my name, I guess. I’m Bri, a 19 year old 4′ 11″ girl transitioning from Las Vegas to Seattle. Being a Lushie for a living, I believe in honesty, having a good time, and feeling luxurious without breaking the bank. I’m just some strange, socially awkward pink haired girl who has a horribly failed Youtube channel, but is on a quest to find alternate ways to still share her beauty knowledge. I thought starting a blog might be sorta fun. Also, this is me down here:


What should you expect from my blog?

Being a crazily addicted to beauty, you’re going to expect beauty. Think of my blog majoring in makeup, minoring in lifestyle and fashion, and occasionally visiting a hair post or two. You might find a couple posts about myself, too. There will be swatches, reviews, pictorials, ootd and fotd, hacks, tips, and all that jazz. I’m aiming to post at least once or twice a week (but maybe less because I’m actually the worst). It’s honestly going to be a mess of a ride for you guys as I run this blog, a ride that is kind of unsteady and strangely amusing.

What else? Social media…?

If you guys ever need to contact me, feel free to…
Email me: floralvintagemuse@gmail.com
Follow me on the Gram: @squeezy_squid
Subscribe to my Youtube: floralish

That’s it… I think? Thanks for baring with me as I figure out what I’m doing with my life. I can’t wait to start posting for you guys!


2 thoughts on “About the blogger

    1. I look forward to blogging a bit more and being able to support everyone on here 🙂 thanks so much for the warm welcome, it’s certainly lovely to hear from such a wonderful blogger


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