The Perfect Makeup for Travellers // Tip

Moving when you have such a large collection of makeup can be the absolute worst. What do I pack? What do I keep out? What will I need for an everyday look? What are some things I absolutely need…? Some serious questions here, guys.

That’s why I’m here to help a little bit! In a few weeks I will be moving in with my boyfriend in Seattle. I’ve decided to ship most of my makeup collection there and fly up there when I’m ready, but that means I need to set aside some makeup that I’ll like for the next couple weeks that will survive all of the moving around. So, what did I choose?


Here’s all the goodies I chose! All of these (with the exception of my palette) fit beautifully in a travel friendly makeup bag. With that being said, let’s get to why I chose each product!


First, the oh so heavenly Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. It has a sturdy casing and a magnetic closure, great for worrying makeup mamas like me. It won’t unexpectedly pop open and get crushed when I’m travelling. Besides that, it has a great selection for everyday looks, including mattes and shimmers to fit my every mood.
As a base for all of my looks, I decided on the Maybelline 24 Hr Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Creamy Beige. Not only does it provide color, but it works nicely as a primer (think Mac’s Painterly Pot). Plus it is small and easy to store.
When I talk about essentials, its all about my Physician’s Formula Lash Boost Liquid Liner. As a cat-eye lover, I can’t not bring this with me. It creates such fluid lines and stays put all day long. I just had to.
Last is my mascara, which has been my favorite for years. It’s Maybelline’s Mega Plush Mascara, a good mascara for any day. With a layer you can get voluminous natural lashes, put a few more coats on and you have some seriously fake looking lashes (in the best way possible). I have always found this mascara travels nicely without changing the formula when I’m in the air.



This part was easy. For my foundation I figured ELF’s Flawless Finish Foundation would work nicely. It’s become my favorite everyday foundation, leaving a nice satin finish to my skin and keeping me from looking cakey. It’s .67 fl oz and has a pump, so it makes for a great travelling buddy.
Concealers can be hard to decided on, but I opted to go with Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer in Neutralizer for underneath the eyes and a way to highlight. When paired with my beauty blender (I have to bring it!), it makes my complexion flawless!
Now we’re down to powders. For an all over finish, it has to be Essence’s All About Matte, a great oil mattifying powder for my oil slick ridden face. All of my other powders are loose powders, so this was an obvious choice.
Finally, the blush/contour/bronzer/highlight. I say that because this ELF palette has is all. You can pop colors out of these babies to make the perfect everyday palette. I took a shade from my ELF Blush Palette in Light and popped it into my ELF Contour Palette. Easy peasy and all in one!



I thought that my eyebrow product choice was not worth mentioning, so here is my lipstick choice. Wet n Wild’s lipstick in Bare It All will always be my go to. It’s a great everyday color for any look. Of course, I’m sure I’ll find a lipstick in my purse when I’m travelling and use that once in a while, but this is my first choice!

OK! That’s all! I know, I always have so much to say. I hope you guys still found this post helpful, I certainly would. What things do you usually bring when you travel. Try to tell me your top 3! Any who, that’s all I have for today. Have a good Wednesday 💟


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