Starry-eyed for Star Crushed Minerals Cosmetics // Review

I’m crazy stoked to be making this review for you guys! Although I am new to the indie cosmetics world, I’m still very passionate about the hard work and dedication that smaller cosmetic companies put into their products and pleasing their customers. Star Crushed Minerals is certainly no exception.


I was first intrigued by Star Crushed Minerals (SCM) on Instagram (because where else do you find out about makeup?). The day after I followed them I decided I needed to order from them! I waited until the had 60% off the whole store, which is actually quite common for SCM to do. So, after several weeks of owning these cuties, I’m ready to tell you guys how they went for me! I’ll give brief individual reviews and overall ratings to give you guys all the need-to-knows about these products.



Packaging? It’s OK for being a sifter style. They certainly look cute in their clear packaging with their simple logo on the top. Upon first opening the little pots they come in, some were a little squeaky. They are very sturdy and keep the pigments inside when they’re sealed correctly. I must say that I do get a bit of product spilling out when I open it on some occasions. Nothing that I freak out over.


(L to R- Juicy, Posh, Life is Peachy, Moss Green, Sky Blue)

First round of shadows (out of 12 or whatever)! I wanted to mention that these are without a base or primer underneath.

Juicy: OK, this is the only orangey-yellow that actually shows up on me. Crazy great pigmentation, great blending job, and doesn’t even need a white base underneath to show up!
Posh: A nice muted lavender shade. Sort of reminds me of a lighter version of ColourPop’s Bill shadow. Again, great pigmentation and blendability.
Life is Peachy: A veeery cute shade if you like truer pinks. This one isn’t very peachy in my opinion, but would make a great addition to a cute pink look.
Moss Green: A favorite! This shade does remind me of moss, but also of almost an army green shade. Makes a great smokey eye, with or without a base.
Sky Blue: A nice light blue shade, almost leaning on the periwinkle side. Good pigmentation, but could use a base. Reminds me of ColourPop’s liner in Prance.

(L to R- Siren, Rose Paradise, Sublime, Amber Glow, White Lightening)

Siren– WOW. Such a beautiful bright teal shade. Remember how these aren’t over a base?! And actually quite wearable. Only complaint is that it slightly stains.
Rose Paradise– Again, great pigmentation! Beautiful magenta shade, great for cute pink smokey eyes. Like Siren, it slightly stains. Also a little hard to blend.
Sublime– Probably the most natural shade I’ve purchased. Great nude color, a muted pink shade. Great on it’s own or as a lid color.
Amber Glow– Kind of an interesting one. More of a orangey-brown shade. Think Anastasia Beverly Hill’s shadow in Morocco, but  lighter and more orange. Makes a great transition shade!
White Lightening– A true matte white. If you’re looking for Sugarpill’s shadow in Taco, this is a good alternative. Can be a bit patchy, but over a light base and it’s great.

(Top R to Bottom R to Left- Jade Sunrise, Golden Peach, Olive Pink)

Jade Sunrise– One of my other favorite shades! I had to take two to show you how wonderful it is! It’s a subtle dusty purple shade with an almost minty green shift. This one blows my mind! It’s also great on its own.
Golden Peach– Another love! True peachy pink shade with a golden shift, great on its own or paired with neutrals. This and Jade Sunrise are my life!
Olive Pink– I’m sad to say I was not impressed by this one. Quite misleading. It’s more of a matte grey with golden flecks in it, but the gold is insanely subtle. I just use this to darken a look. Also tends to be patchy


First, let’s talk about the glitter adhesive. SCM sells their own if you want a mess free glitter adhesive. Above is my set up for putting on glitter. I use tape, drop a few drops of the adhesive on, dip a dense brush into the adhesive, then pick up a small amount of glitter and apply. It’s great for keeping the glitter in place. I don’t experience glitter all over my face by the end of the day nor does it let glitter fall in my eyes. Anyway, to the glitters!

(L to R- Golden Ticket, Desert Dazzle, Mirage, Fallen Zombie)

Golden Ticket– I got this one for the holidays and was purrfect for all my holiday looks. A mix of several shades of gold and a touch of red, making this a beautiful glitter to layer over top several looks.
Desert Dazzle– Although I don’t use this one often, I still love it. It has larger pink and silver flecks with smaller dark pink bits. I looove how this one catches light. I’m gonna use this one for shiny party looks!
Mirage– GORGEOUS, DAMN. This one has a mix of teals and blues and silver with a pinch of red. This one is a show stopper!
Fallen Zombie– This one is complicated, but beautiful nonetheless. Over light bases, it just shines lavender and is kind of translucent (which can be annoying), but over a dark base and it’s magic! You see white, lavender, and mint. Makes for a great subtle glitter that is truly intriguing.

OK *phew*. That was a lot to take in. Just to show you guys what these look like on the eyes, here are some quick examples:
These looks include SCM eye shadows ONLY, each look using at least 5 products.


Packaging- 4/5
Tends to spill a bit of product out and can make annoying squeaky noises, but good over all and doesn’t turn my white desk into a SCM colored mess.
Color Selection- 5/5
     Everything you could imagine and more!
Blendibility– 4.5/5
Some shades are hard to blend, but that’s only a couple! More vibrant shades (like Rose Paradise) tend to be harder to blend out.
Pigmentation– 4.5/5
Most colors are CRAZY pigmented, some come out a little patchy. Overall, very pleased!
Comfort– 5/5
Even the chunkier glitter feel comfortable! So stinging or burning or anything.
Price– 5/5
They give you many size/price options, all being crazy affordable. I chose the smallest sizes of everything. And guess how much I spent on all of this? Around $25, that’s how much! Keep in mind this was during a 60% off the store sale, but they often have sales.

– 4.7/5

Although there are a couple things I don’t like about Star Crushed Minerals’shadows, their products are phenomenal. I will be 100% purchasing from them again! Next time I may try their mineral foundations or blushes… or just get more glitter because why not? A link will be provided below, make sure to take a peak. Hope you all found this lengthy review useful!

Star Crushed Minerals

//floral ish//


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