Making Brushes Squeaky Clean with… Shampoo?


So, LUSH is pretty cool, right? I agree. As a Lushie for a living, I tend to collect and hoard a lot of products, even ones I don’t need. I bought Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar one day and… well… never used it. It just smelled delicious. I remained using my favorite shampoo; Fairly Traded Honey.

While talking to a lovely customer, she let me know that she also loved the smell of Jason and the Argan Oil,  but never used it for her hair. She then shared this tidbit with me… it was actually excellent for cleaning brushes *insert brain explosion noise*. It made perfect sense.

I got home and tried it as soon as I could. I simply put my shampoo bar in the reusable metal tin, swirled my brushes and… MAGIC. Tried it on my Beauty Blender… YAAAAS. It was incredible. No oil needed, no expensive brush cleaner (I’m looking at you Sigma), nothing. Just a shampoo and a tin.

Why does this work? Thanks for asking. Argan oil (which Lush ethically sources from Morocco) is a great oil. It’s incredibly moisture rich, especially for the hair. With this in mind, ALWAYS think of your brushes as a bunch of hair glued to a stick. The shampoo bar will cleanse the brushes by lifting and washing away the oil and dirt, just like in your hair. Why this shampoo bar? Because of that argan oil. It will help to soften and moisturize the bristles. Cool, right?

I put up a video on my channel all about it (including a demo):
Clean Brushes with Shampoo?!

Anywho! That’s all for now. How do you wash your brushes? Would you use this method?

xo floralish

Youtube: floral ish
Instagram: @squeezysquid


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